My new music video for my original song “Pup Tent”. Next to acting/dancing/performing in the video, I also filmed, edited, directed it myself in Berlin, Germany (2012). I’m a do it myself kind of girl, but I am always open for new ideas and collaborations. Whilst filming and editing “Pup Tent”, I drew some inspiration from “American Horror Story - Season 1”. I was watching the series shortly and intensely before I started collecting ideas for this project. I was deeply moved by the actors’ performances, especially by Jessica Lange’s (what a woman!) and Evan Peters’. I’m a huge horror fan in general that is why my work tends to be rather dark. But recently I try to integrate more lightness and playfulness into my work. Most at home I still feel playing the piano and sorting through my collection of small musical instruments (flute, melodica, mouth organ, different toy instruments, bells etc.).